HyperLite Training Shorts 2.0

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Color: Red
Size: M(170cm 60kg)
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Lightweight shorts with built-in compression, featuring a liner pocket to keep your phone out of the way. These are the next gen of our HyperLite shorts that now include a stitched in shirt loop to stow away your Tee on those hot summer days.

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We create shorts that improve performance and fuel you to shatter your limits. We strive for perfection in every detail, and stick only to the vital elements of modern athletic wear. Join the movement

Hidden Liner Pocket for Your Phone.

Shirt Loop to Store Tee.

Zippered Back Pocket for Valuables.

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Shipping: 10-15 Business Days w/ Tracking


HyperLite Mesh Shell

Sweat-wicking, lightweight, 4-way stretch

Black Shirt Loop

Durable stitched loop 

Hidden Inner Pocket

Secure, out-of-the-way phone storage

Flatlock Seams

Durability, comfort 

Elastane Compression Liner

Form fitting, sweat-wicking, compression shorts

Side-Split Leg Design

Ergonomic function, range of motion

Order fulfillment: 24 - 48 Hours

Shipping: 10-15 Business Days w/ Tracking


What size phones does the compression pocket hold?

The pocket is large enough to hold any cellphone on the market. 

Do I have to worry about sweat damage?

Nope - the compression liner is made from hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers that move sweat to the surface so it evaporates quicker. 

What size Should I Get?

Utilize the sizing chart above, but remember a snug fit is better so it holds your device tight against your body.

How long until I get my order?

Because of the Pandemic slowing down carriers the ETA to U.S addresses is about 2 weeks. We expect shipping times to return to normal as everything begins to open up again.

Why does the Tag have a different size than I ordered on it?

We sell internationally so our sizes are a bit unorthodox. We have converted our sizes to U.S standard sizing on our website to ensure you select the correct size upon order. Please ignore the tag on the shorts themselves as they are not tagged with the U.S sizing! We are working on getting the tags setup for U.S buyers in the future. 

Here is how the sizes are converted:

U.S Size S = Tag L

U.S Size M = Tag XL

U.S Size L = Tag XXL 

U.S Size XL = Tag XXXL 

U.S Size XXL = Tag 4XL


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